Answering Google’s search suggestions for “Matt Wallaert”

Google suggestions for the term Matt Wallaert

Recently, Maia Bittner tweeted about the top three things people want to know about you, using Google’s search suggestions. This inspired me to check what came up for “Matt Wallaert” and then be subsequently horrified that my marital status is apparently more important than my work on behavioral science. After some contemplation, however, I decided the right approach was to make a page that tries to address the popular searches in a straightforward manner. If I remember, I’ll update this periodically.

matt wallaert wife
Yes, I was married to the awesome Dr. Sugar. We are no longer married, although I don’t refer to her as my “ex-wife” (although technically true) because that emphasizes our past relationship; instead, we use the term “co-parent”, which focuses on our current relationship as we work hard to raise Bear Sugar to be as badass as his name.

matt wallaert clover health
Yes, I currently work as the Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health. I joined in 2017 and wrote about why on the Clover Health blog.

matt wallaert book
Yes, I wrote a book called Start At The End: How To Build Products That Create Change, which attempts to distill my experiences leading Product and Behavioral Science at companies both large and small into a replicable process for behavior change. Blame Merry Sun, who bribed me with Silvana.

matt wallaert ted talk
This one is hard. I think people mean my TEDx talk, which was done as a favor to Arjan Haring in his final year of organizing. Maybe TED will one day invite me to give a mainstage talk; you can suggest that here. For what it is worth, this isn’t my favorite talk (since I really, really dislike slides) – I prefer another Dutch talk I did for Nibud, in which I sound distinctly like someone with an electrolarynx.

matt wallaert start at the end
That is the name of the book I wrote.

matt wallaert twitter
Yes, I am on Twitter.

matt wallaert net worth
I don’t know exactly but let’s call it high single-digit millions? I put the maximum into my 401K pretty much every year of my employed life, got lucky with Microsoft stock and the house in Seattle, and generally live a fairly fiscally conservative lifestyle.

matt wallaert linkedin
Yes, I have a LinkedIn.

matt wallaert wikipedia
There is not a Matt Wallaert wikipedia entry (you can make one here), although I do get mentioned in the entry for Thrive.

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