Answering Bing’s search suggestions for “Matt Wallaert”

Bing search suggestions for Matt Wallaert

Recently, Maia Bittner tweeted about the top three things people want to know about you, using Google’s search suggestions. This inspired me to check what came up for “Matt Wallaert” and then be subsequently horrified that my marital status is apparently more important than my work on behavioral science. Bing, on the other hand, doesn’t care who the hell I married so I’m doing those as well. If I remember, I’ll update this periodically.

matt wallaert seattle
Yes, I lived there while working for Microsoft and am a native of Oregon (go PNW!). Why is this the most searched thing?

matt wallaert getraised
Yes, I (and others) built a tool that has helped women earn over $3.2B in raises called GetRaised.

matt wallaert book launch
Yes, I wrote a book called Start At The End: How To Build Products That Create Change, which attempts to distill my experiences leading Product and Behavioral Science at companies both large and small into a replicable process for behavior change. Blame Merry Sun, who bribed me with Silvana. My son Bear was a prominent feature at the book launch – even my parents flew in!

matt wallaert clover health
Yes, I currently work as the Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health. I joined in 2017 and wrote about why on the Clover Health blog.

matt wallaert a behavioral psychologist
Yes, I am an applied behavioral psychologist and have written extensively about what it means to be a Chief Behavioral Officer working in industry.

matt wallaert videos
Yes, there are many videos available of me on YouTube.

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