Years ago, I wrote about the concept of entropic debt: the idea that the universe expends energy to organize the cells of our bodies and that living a life of service is a way of fighting back against the inevitable entropic death of the universe.  I believe in supporting people, both through systemic change (which generally happen as projects) and opportunities for individual change, which live here.

Office Hours

I believe strongly in open access, so set aside roughly two hours a day for external calls in 30 minute slots; I have completed over 3,000 calls as of January 2023 (the 2022 Open Office Hours: Diversity Report has more details). You can self-schedule and details about how to prepare are found in the calendar invite. This is your time: we can use it to talk about a challenge you are facing in your career, behavioral science, or whatever else you find supportive to the work you’re currently doing.  These calls are completely free – I do not offer personal coaching and they are not monetized in any way.

Recruiting and Job Placement

In partnership with the folks at Getro, I aggregate job postings from companies I’d work at and people I’d work with at so they can find each other.

If you want to submit your job listings, please email, who can help to onboard you.

If you want me to refer you to a job, what to do depends on how well I know you.  If we haven’t met, please grab a 30 minute slot on my calendar so I can interview you (it helps if you send a resume in advance).  If I do know you, simply sign up and it will go into my queue for approval (I try to get in there roughly daily).

Scholarship Funds

Through endowments at both Swarthmore College and Winston Salem State University, students that are underrepresented in the technology field can apply for funds to attend industry events to promote diversity. Please contact the computer science department to apply.

Angel Investment

Given my position at the leader of Behavioral Science In Organizations, it is impossible for me to track all the projects we are working on with clients in order to assess competitive activities. Accordingly, I am not angel investing at this time. I am happy to review your deck, give you feedback, and (where appropriate) introduce you to other angel and institutional investors in my network; please use the Office Hours link to self-schedule.