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The Equal Pay App challenge: Good, Frustrating

Challenge.gov recently announced the Equal Pay challenge, to create an app that helps publicize and correct the pay gap between men and women. 1) Good.  Though some people will dispute that the gap exists, the science is pretty clear and most of the academics I know won’t dispute that this is a serious problem. 2) […]

An Unlikely Coincidence, Part 2: The Numbers

A few fun numbers, as a followup to the recent post about the unlikely coincidence of Leslie Bradshaw and I both graduating from the same high school in the same year. Approximately 3.5 million kids graduated from high school in the US in the year 2000. Of those, using stats from the Bureau of Labor […]

How to apologize for accusing your customers of fraud

So the very next day after posting about Zipcar sending us the most bizarre customer service email ever, a very nice customer service manager named Brian gave me a call and mentioned he had read the blog post.  After listening to the CSR tapes and such, he noted that they “could have done better” and […]

Why no brand should use PowerVoice

Here’s the thing: if a customer didn’t share your deal on Twitter or Facebook, there is probably a reason.  Maybe you made it too hard (strong inhibiting pressures) by not having a simple share button.  Or maybe they just didn’t think your deal was worthwhile enough (weak promoting pressure) to waste social capital annoying their […]

How to accuse your customers of fraud

UPDATED: Zipcar gave me a call; see the followup post. This post brought you courtesy of the letter Z(ipcar). So here’s the setup: traffic is bad on the bridge, so we call to say we might be a minute or two late with the Zipcar return.  Incidentally, this is because they moved our garage twenty […]

Always add hours; never subtract them

I was sitting down with the folks from The Puppet Kitchen the other day to talk about business best practices and it came up that they basically always feel like they’re at 100% capacity, yet don’t have any time for things like new business development or shop improvement. Welcome to small business ownership. But as […]

An Unlikely Coincidence

I am one half of an unlikely “coincidence”. Leslie Bradshaw runs JESS3, a rising star in digital agencies that specializes in graphical representations of complex ideas.  She’s recognized by many as an up-and-comer, does press and wins awards, and is generally a tech badass.  We also graduated Junction City High School in the same year and had […]

Why I Don't Consult

Generally speaking, I don’t consult.  Not that consulting is bad, persay; I have plenty of consultant friends and they haven’t spontaneously combusted yet, so I’m going to assume the gods are alright with it as an occupation.  But every time someone offers me a fat check to give them the answer to a question, I […]

Hiring Innovators: Big HR Strikes Back

After my post the other day, a friend who does HR for a big financial shot me a note to say that they don’t want more junk applications, so they make the process deliberately painful. Which makes sense: strong inhibiting pressure against a weak promoting pressure will certainly prevent a behavior. The problem with that […]

Hiring Innovators 101

In the final stages of spinning down Churnless (January 1st, here we come), I’ve received a steady trickle of job offers for February, after I spend a month catching up on sleep and doing a whole lot of product advisement that I promised to various folks over the years.  But there are some companies I’d particularly love […]