Matt Wallaert speaking at TEDxUtrecht


I believe that speaking is an incredibly important part of how knowledge is shared in the world.  It has survived millennia and countless educational revolutions because there is nothing quite like hearing someone both knowledgeable and passionate about a topic attempt to educate and inspire others.  Having given well over a hundred talks, I still find it energizing.

I do not accept speaker fees.  While I do not begrudge others who make their living as speakers, I choose to make my living as a behavioral scientist and I have no intention of changing that.  You can pay for travel and buy me a Diet Coke (with a lime!) and some nachos.

In general, most of my talks revolve around some aspect of human behavior and how to design products and programs that change it.  Outside of that, special topics include using data science in product design and particular data as product, gender wage equity (because of my work on, and entrepreneurism and work, particularly the powerful and important place that work plays in our lives and in our mental health.

If you want me to speak at your event, please send a brief email to me at detailing the topic you’re interested in, the dates, times, and location.  I try not to privilege larger audiences over smaller ones, though if you want me to speak to your team or a local event, I would appreciate it if you tried to schedule that around when I am currently planning to be in your area.

an N of 1: in statistics, a sample size of 1 has almost no validity. in life, this is less true.