Shann McGrail, Leadership Coach

Bio: Shann McGrail is a leadership coach specializing in helping others reach their potential and succeed. Her company, Devreve Inc., specializes in developing and diversifying talent in the digital economy and building partnerships for business growth. A former Microsoft executive with a background in theatre and improvisation, Shann believes in infusing creativity and play into everything she does. Her e-book, The Improvisational Leader, expands on this concept.


Play & the Power of Creativity

This highly rated leadership session from Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conferences (2015, 2016, 2017) highlights how the power of play and the fundamentals of improvisation can tap into creativity. Creativity drives the product and business innovation demanded by organizations wrestling with digital transformation. Research proves that play shapes our brains, inspires creativity, builds competence and fosters connections. Unleashing creativity through play is a powerful experience that drives business forward.

10 Ways to Develop, Diversify, and Transform Your Workforce

Three things that companies need to be successful in the era of digital transformation: Technology, Talent and Teamwork. The challenging question is – are you doing enough to ensure that you are attracting the right talent and capitalizing the opportunities of having diverse teams? By not embracing diversity you will miss the advantages of an increased ability to understand potential new markets, addressing changing customer needs, and delivering solutions in a more successful way. With the right talent and teamwork you’ll be at a competitive advantage. This session will highlight the top 10 tools, tips and actions you can take to develop, diversify and transform your workforce.

In Search of Executive Presence

Finding a clear definition of executive or leadership presence can feel like the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster – elusive
and full of conflicting information to the point where we question its existence. Yet, how we are perceived is one of the most important factors in our leadership portfolio. Projecting executive presence outweighs competency and experience as a critical factor in career advancement. This session will shed light on the elements of executive presence and provide participants with tips on how to apply communication and awareness techniques to the most common executive presence challenges to amplify one’s leadership impact.

Awards & Publications:

  • 2017 Microsoft Inspire Lecturer
  • Featured Guest: Microsoft’s “Hacking the Future” Podcast

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