Nicole Campbell, CEO of Cepi Style, Inc.

Bio: Nicole Campbell is the CEO and founder of Cepi Style, a business that brings professional stylists into ordinary people’s homes to edit their closets and create a style that is uniquely their own — by using what items they already own. Prior to founding Cepi Style, Nicole served as a White House Fellow, managed education investments and partnerships for the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, and led her own strategic consulting company with a focus on nonprofit CEOs.


We Actually Make the Rules

  •      Address the victim within with care and deliberate speed.
  •      Many of us are uncomfortable in positions of leadership because of the whispers in our head – of not belonging, of doubt, shame, of old ways of thinking.
  •      Listen, learn, understand the rules – and then set your own.
  •      The truth is we are making the rules and if we acknowledge that we are, we will treat our professional and personal situations and our outcomes and impact will transform.

Don’t Accept What You See In Front You… That’s Old News

  •      We have an opportunity to be what we haven’t seen before

Know Your Power. Always…

  •      Working within large companies can allow you to feel powerless.  You receive a paycheck, a direct deposit every two weeks, a way of thinking that makes you feel like your self-worth is dependent on your position, and you operate in fear.
  •      Your personal power is unique and multidimensional.  You have to harness it and understand it personally to thrive in any situation.

Visit Nicole’s site to learn more about Cepi Style.

an N of 1: in statistics, a sample size of 1 has almost no validity. in life, this is less true.