Natalia Allen, Fashion Designer

Bio: Natalia Allen graduated from Parsons School of Design as Designer of the Year, a title she shares with Marc Jacobs. A year later, Natalia founded Design Futurist, a consulting firm that created innovative products for global brands like Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, before launching her minimalist line Natalia Allen, now available online and at Lord & Taylor. Oprah’s O Magazine, Forbes, FOX Business,  and New York Magazine have all featured Natalia. She is a Design Futures Council Senior Fellow and frequently  lectures worldwide on fashion, technology, and the future of retail.


Interdisciplinary Design and Entrepreneurship

Natalia will illustrate her path from a traditional design student at Parsons to valedictorian and founder of an award-winning consulting practice that created wearable technology for multi-nationals worldwide. Also how her work led to the inspiration for her second venture, Natalia, Inc., an American fashion brand that designs modern clothing using sustainable, technology-driven practices. To date, the Natalia Allen collection has trended on Oprah, Forbes and FOX Business, as well as influential fashion blogs. Natalia’s story is remarkable and an example of the power of creative entrepreneurship.

Digital Manufacturing

In 2012, Natalia Allen, a classically trained fashion designer ventured out to study automation in apparel and textile manufacturing from the world’s leading roboticists. Convinced these types of singular digital manufacturing processes would transform retail she launched her namesake collection. The entire line is made in the United States and on-demand in one seamless process. In her talk, Natalia will cover the digitization of fashion design and manufacturing, as well as its impact on retail.

The Future of Fashion Retail

Retail is being transformed largely by digital manufacturing, mass-personalization and interactive commerce. Natalia Allen, a millennial, prize-winning designer and founder of a successful on-demand fashion brand will discuss the most disruptive business models of the future; including new themes such as the circular economy. Her talk will focus on what fashion retail will look like in 2025. Answering questions such as, how will products be created, discovered, fitted, purchased, wornand discarded? Hint: technology and sustainability play an integral role.

Awards & Publications:

  • World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
  • 25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World – Utne Reader
  • 100 Most Creative Professionals – Fast Company

See Natalia speak here, or learn more about her clothing line on her website.

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