Mireya Manigault, Corporate Brand Strategist

Bio: Mireya Manigault is a culture maven and brand coach who is passionate about company culture, executive team development, and helping companies define and execute their internal strategy. Before millennials were called millennials, the harbingers of their coming were called indigos, mavericks and rainbow children. They speak millennial as well as the language of prior generations and think in both linear and abstract terms. Mireya is one of those. She understands complex processes and can distill them down to collaborate across seemingly disparate sectors. Mireya is a veteran of the B4; she has utilized her talents working with and for the top global financial services firms solving enterprise challenges. In addition to all of this awesomeness, she brings her perspective as a corporate executive, consultant, and entrepreneur to developing amazing people in executive positions.


Who Do You Get to be in This Lifetime to be Deserving of the Love You’ve Been Shown?

Perspective drives our capacity for compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, for ourselves and others, and ultimately affects our ability to ask ourselves who we get to be in this lifetime to be deserving of the love that we have been shown. This is the most important question one can ask.

The Labels We’re Refusing to Own and How They’re Killing Us All

All white people are racists. All men are misogynists. All minorities are victims. All straight, cisgender people are — well, you know where I’m going with this. Or not. Whether we mean to or not, we have all been born into a system that has created a label and experience for each of us. I’m not talking about the label that you are given, but rather the label applied to you based on the effect of the label that is given. We must begin thinking of ourselves in the way that recovering addicts do. Whether 20 days or 20 years sober, they are always “recovering”. With that, they are owning that every moment is a decision to be an addict or recovering addict. In this way, I am acknowledging that all my success is a defiant, active decision to recover beyond the constant barrage of assaults (large and small) that come from the reaction to my being a woman and a person of color. In this way, I am owning and actively managing the privilege I hold in being a straight, cisgender person. In this way, I can garner compassion for myself and others when we, inevitably, get something wrong.

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an N of 1: in statistics, a sample size of 1 has almost no validity. in life, this is less true.