Dr. Christine Custis, Professor of Information System Technology

Bio: Dr. Christine D. Custis is an assistant professor at Shenandoah University in the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business, teaching information system technology. She has worked at IBM, BearingPoint, and The MITRE Corporation, and has over 18 years of experience with project management, strategy, and enterprise architecture. She is the Founder of Pearlo, a company that aims to increase an organization’s efficiency through AI-powered process improvement.


The Link Between Organizational Efficiency and Process Improvement

When you are a small business, especially a non-profit with limited funding, you want to move as quickly and efficiently towards growth to meet the goals of your organization.  To do this, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your organizational efficiency and you are continuously improving your processes.  This talk explores the links between a firm’s efficiency goals and the improvements in their internal processes that can help them achieve those goals.

Innovation Culture:  Training Teams to Disrupt Within the Organization

This is a hands-on seminar with activities that highlight the importance of requirements gathering, teamwork, open communication, and the inevitable change request and evolving business environments that “break” the process and require disruptive innovation for survival.

AI-Powered Process Improvement

What if there was a way for you to just “Tell the Story” of the way you are currently performing a task and then have a tool that can translate your narrative into a process flow?  The tool could then provide a score/rating for how well your current process is organized and a set of recommendations for how you could improve your process.  This talk explores a future state in organizations which find a way to tap into the democratization of AI/ML technology toward innovations in their operations.

Awards & Publications

  • 2012 Technology Rising Stars award, Career Communications Group, Inc.
  • 2017 Accepted in NVIDIA Inception Program which supports AI-focused startups
  • Custis, Christine (2017). Harnessing the Power of “Sense-Making”, “Meaning-Mapping”, and Storytelling as Strategies for Process Improvement and Business Process Management. International Journal of Business Strategy,  dx.doi.org/10.18374/IJBS-17-2.5
  • Custis, Christine, & Zaveri, Jigish , & Zu, Xingxing , & Ramsey, Gregory , & Austin, Nathan (2015). What are the factors affecting a firm’s ability to innovate? International Journal of Strategic Management®, 15(2), 29-56.

Watch an interview with Dr. Custis here. Visit her site to learn more about AI-powered process improvement.

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