Chia-Lin Simmons, Digital Media Executive

Bio: Chia-Lin Simmons is a digital media executive currently running LookyLoo, a tech startup that aims to bring together social, big data, and machine learning AI to help streamline the selling process for apparel and online retailers. An active consultant, board member, and former executive to many high-visibility tech companies, she is one of the only people working in Silicon Valley experienced in launching mass-market  automotive technology. Chia-Lin spends her free time on the #bindersproject, helping match female tech founders with global investors.


Are We There Yet?!?

Autonomous cars will transform mobility in a way that is unimagined. Automotive and technology companies are spending millions on developing the technology to make this a reality. But what are the business and legal frameworks that need to change in order for us to bring self-driving cars to the  mass market? Futurist Chia-Lin Simmons, the marketing and business development executive who took Connected Car mass market in 2010, provides her perspective on  bringing self-driving cars to the market from a business and legal perspective.

The Making of a Girl AI named Lucy

AI is poised to transform how people find, experience, and live their lives in the next few decades. Yet a major concern  is whether AI truly reflects the society that we live in today in all its glorious shades of people, views, and experiences. Chia-Lin Simmons, CEO / Co-Founder of an AI software platform for retailers called LookyLoo, discusses how a little band of people that included Women of Color (Asian, African-American, Latina), men of all colors (Latino, African-American, White) have been toiling in Silicon Valley and Bogota, Colombia to try to solve how to create a female-centric AI named Lucy to give voice to women of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Peeking Out from the Binder – Initial Thoughts on Women Founders and the Funders Who Love Them from the #BindersProject

In 2016 as a first time CEO and Founder, Chia-Lin Simmons, a tech executive with more than 20+ years of successful launches of cutting-edge technology, faced a questions to which she had no answers. VCs asked, “Where is this list of women everyone keeps telling us we need to invest in?” Seeing that a comprehensive list simply did not exist, she went to work building the #BindersProject, a “mini-movement” to bring together female founders in tech with funders interested in investing in them. With more than 100+ women founders in The Binder today, she shares her  initial thoughts on what’s happening in the female founding community, discusses funding for female-led startups, and the myriad opportunities that lie ahead for them.

Rising Above the Noise: How to Capture More than Just Five Minutes’ Worth of Fame!

With the accelerated speed at which social media has entered consumers’ lives, just about anyone can now have their five minutes of fame on the Internet. How does a company cut through all the noise and rise above the noisy din to truly transform how they sell and advance their products? Chia-Lin Simmons, a  marketing and business development executive with over 20+ years of experience in telling the story of, and selling the promise of, cutting-edge technology like connected cars and AI, shares her tips on how to rise above the crowd to  create a sustainable brand that captures more than just five minutes of fame.

Past Speaking Events and Conferences:

  • Women in Technology Summit, June 3, 2014 – “Hard Earned Advice FOR Entrepreneurs FROM Entrepreneurs”
  • Digital Hollywood, October 23, 2013 – “Bringing More Women into Tech: Breaking Down the Barriers to Entry”
  • Women’s Congress / Women in Technology International, March 2007 — “Web 2.0 Digital Business Media Economy”

Awards and Publications:

  • 2016 Forty over 40 Honoree
  • 27 Women in Tech You Need to Follow on Twitter (Huffington Post)
  • Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Leaders Awardee (Diversity MBA Magazine)
  • Top Diversity Thought Leaders to Follow  on Twitter (Racing Toward Diversity Magazine)

Hear Chia speak about the changing digital media landscape here, or visit her website for more information.

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