Color photo of a sunrise by the ocean over some rocks


In my experience, a great deal of being helpful is simply about connecting the right people which each other. To help make that process a little easier (having a toddler reduces your short-term memory to roughly the length of naptime), I’ve added a form below to help me track who needs what. If you have suggestions on the form itself, like fields I’ve missed or instructions that would be clearer, feel free to send me an email.

For clarity of process: If you let me know you have an opportunity, I’ll do my best to find you someone from my circles who may be able to take advantage of it. I’ll also reach back out periodically to see if you still have the need, so that I’m not sending you folks long after it matters. I’ll generally send you either someone I am actively mentor, or someone I’m willing to mentor as needed – they’ll be supported as they take advantage of your opportunity.

an N of 1: in statistics, a sample size of 1 has almost no validity. in life, this is less true.