Goodwill RFP

As you know, Goodwill Industries International, Inc. (GII) is requesting proposals from vendors to evaluate and support advancement of Goodwill commerce response options to changing customer expectations. Elements of the engagement will include and not be limited to:

  1. Evaluation of assumptions and options for developing a consumer-centric online Goodwill marketplace as an ecosystem for investment, innovation and curation that will complement the 3200+ brick and mortar locations and existing Goodwill-operated e-commerce sites.
  2. Evaluation of corporate structure and governance options for an online marketplace with GII and Goodwill investors.
  3. Evaluation of investment models that support capital aggregation and generate return for Goodwill investors and (potentially) other organizations and/or individuals.
  4. Draft documents demonstrating investment model(s) including prospectus, term sheet and pitch deck to engage investors.
  5. Presentations (in-person and/or via webinar) regarding results, options and recommendations with GII team members, GII Board of Directors, potential investors and/or other stakeholders.

 Questions, requests for more information, or statements of intent to respond to this RFP must be submitted via email on or before July 21, 2017. Any addendums to this RFP and all responses to questions will be emailed to all vendors that submitted questions or otherwise indicated their intent to submit a proposal. Please direct all inquiries regarding this RFP to Wendi Copeland, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Advancement, at

Questions directed at other GII team members or GII members may result in vendor disqualification.

Proposals are due and must be received by GII on or before 12 p.m. ET on July 27, 2017. Late proposals may not be accepted. All proposals must be submitted in electronic format (.doc, .docx or .pdf). Vendor selection and contract award is planned to be announced on or around August 15, 2017. No public disclosure of award shall be made until after award and acceptance of the contract.

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