Matt Wallaert speaking at TEDxUtrecht


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Matt Wallaert is a behavioral scientist and entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and human behavior, designing products and programs that help people live happier, healthier lives.  After leaving academia to build and sell two successful startups, he became Microsoft’s first behavioral scientist and a director at Microsoft Ventures.  He is now the industry’s first Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health, a Medicare Advantage plan changing the model of insurance by changing behavior.  A frequent speaker on the science of behavior change and product design, his first book is due out in Fall 2018.  Wallaert sits on the board of a variety of startups and non-profits, prioritizes underrepresented founders and audiences, and continues to build side products like, which has helped underpaid women ask for and earn over $2.3B in salary increases.

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Currently located in New York City (and a dedicated Harlem advocate), Matt prefers cowboy boots to dress shoes and Legos to blank paper.  He also wears a uniform of used clothing that a script buys for him on eBay.  He is a dedicated Oregonian and believes strongly that the Pacific Northwest is the best possible place to live.  He is a graduate of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (IB) and Swarthmore College (psychology and education), spent some time in a PhD program at Cornell University (social psychology) before joining his first startup, and is coparent to Stef, father to Bear, brother to Josh, brother-in-law to Jelena, uncle to Sava and Teo, and son to Rick and Jo.

Matt Wallaert speaking at TEDxUtrecht

Matt Wallaert speaking on black

Matt Wallaert in the Seattle Times

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